Pandemic Telephone Reassurance Program

What is telephone reassurance?

Communications with designated clients by telephone on a mutually agreed schedule to determine if they are safe and to provide psychological reassurance or to implement special or emergency assistance.


Calls are usually brief in duration, with enough time to determine the client’s welfare. If staff fails to receive an answer after three calls are placed throughout the course of the day, a predetermined contact person will be notified to investigate further.



To keep in communication with our client base through scheduled daily/weekly calls to learn any changes in health, nutrition, sleeping, confusion. Socialization, peace of mind and a friendly voice are all part of the experience.



Reduce loneliness, depression. Create routine. Preemptive identification of social needs, medical needs, illness, malnutrition, dehydration, increased confusion.



All calls must be tracked through the BAFI Tracking system. This will allow to see trends and early warning signals.

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