Meals On Wheels


HOME DELIVERED MEALS, best known as Meals on Wheels, is a home delivered meal service for persons who are unable to prepare their own meals, primarily the frail elderly, who are confined to their homes.

Some of the referrals are done by doctors, health agencies or social services agencies.

At times there are concerned citizens who step in and refer a person in need to us.

It is hard to understand and to admit that we cannot do what we used to do!  This is the case of some seniors who know that now they can’t cook or fend for themselves.  Asking for help is not an easy task and we, the Meals on Wheels Staff, try to make the services a step in the recovery process instead of a long-term commitment.

Who is eligible?

Any person, 60 and over, who is physically or mentally unable to prepare a balanced meal and has no one to prepare a meal for them.   There is no income level.

Who do we serve?

We serve residents in Osceola County.  We have 33 routes in Osceola County; 11 routes in St. Cloud and vicinities, 17 routes in Kissimmee and vicinities, 1 in Intercession City and Campbell City, and 4 in the Poinciana area.

When are the meals delivered?

We deliver 5 days a week, all routes except Holopaw (3 days only – M, W & F).  There are some people that need meals for the weekend and we deliver extra meals on Friday for them.  Two meals are delivered during the late morning hours; a hot dinner for immediate consumption, and a cold pack for supper.

Is there any cost for the meals?

There are several programs which assist in the cost of Meals on Wheels services;

Older Americans Act – A federal government-funded program that provides meals to seniors in need of assistance.  Donations are accepted.

Private / Full Pay Services – This program provides the meals to clients who do not want to go through the evaluation process or who otherwise will have to be placed on waiting list because of funding constrain.  The cost of the meals is $7.20 for a hot and a cold pack.

Recovery/Emergency services – We offer emergency meals for a limited time to seniors that suddenly find themselves in need.  These meals can help them while they heal or until other permanent arrangements can be made. Donations are requested.

Local Services – This service is to assist the clients that are in dire need, can’t afford to pay for the service, don’t meet the criteria for the other services or are waiting for the Older American Act program.  Donations are requested.

Managed Care – Medicaid managed care provides for the delivery of Medicaid health benefits and additional services through contracted arrangements between state Medicaid agencies and managed care organizations.  Managed Care agencies pay for the meals for their members.

Tell me more about the meals.

Each meal consists of an entrée, starch, vegetable, fruit, bread, and low-fat milk. Our meals are developed by a registered dietician and chef to ensure our complete meals meet or exceed USDA nutrition guidelines.

They are made fresh daily at our main kitchen and cooked by our Master Chef.  Both meals provide 2/3 the recommended daily allowance (RDA).  All meals are prepared without salt or heavy spices.  A no concentrated sweet meals and textured meal is also provided in special cases.

For more information on Meals on Wheels please call Wilda Belisle at 407-847-2144