Pet’s Corner

Research has shown having a pet has several benefits for older adults, including higher levels of physical activity which in turn may lead to better health. As well, because pets need a routine of feeding, walking, etc., this gives older adults a daily routine. Pets can be protective against feelings of loneliness, provide emotional support, and give people something to talk about, perhaps a way to make friends or to chat to caregivers.

For those on a limited budget as most seniors, the costs of pet ownership may be prohibitive, or they may elect to spend money on a pet at the expense of food or other items for themselves. Friends and family may try to discourage seniors from getting a pet due to concerns about who will take care of the animal if the person moves into an assisted living facility or passes away.

Addressing these concerns is how Pet’s Corner came into fruition. These services are available for our Clients. Pet’s Corner accepts donations to help seniors care for their pets.

Keeping our promise to our clients who are no longer with us, are too frail to care for them, or moved into a long term care facility we have started an adoption page to help rehome displaced pets. Please see below our current pets available for adoption and email Edi Blume at if interested in adopting.



2 years old
She loves giving kisses and hugs all the time. Perfect companion.

Mona Lisa

2 years old
Loves water and to explore high places. She is very affectionate and easy to care for.

Mr. Noodles

2.5 years old
Very sweet, playful and handsome. Perfect companion. He always greets you with a smile kind of face.

You can make a difference in the lives of seniors – and in the lives of animals in need of rehoming – by making a donation to the Osceola Council on Aging’s Pet Corner.

Adopted Cats & Dogs