Dinner for Dads

Dear Ole Dad…

Dad Fixing Bike with Son
Dad in dungarees, working in the yard, fixing your bike or just playing cards… Time spent coaching your team, teaching you to drive, or shooting hoops… Those were the days. Then of course the big hugs and the bedtime stories, our Dad he’s the best!

For most Americans, Father’s Day is a joyful occasion. A time to be with those we love. For some of us, it’s an opportunity to send a favorite after shave, a tie or a card to say

“I Love You”. For others, a time to gratefully receive those expressions. Most of all, Father’s Day is a time to honor those we love.

Dad Eating AloneBut for millions of older Americas, this holiday will be no celebration. It will be a lonely day marked by sad hearts and empty stomachs. Tonight, millions of elderly Americans – our mothers and fathers, our grandparents and neighbors and friends – will go to bed hungry. For too many elderly Americans the thought of ending the day with a full stomach, and knowing they are cared about, is nothing more than a dream.

We can make it happen, but only with your support. We will show you a whole new way to say “I Love You” to someone who really needs to hear it – with a hot, nutritious meal.

The Osceola Council on Aging will celebrate Father’s Day by hosting a Special Dad’s Event.

You can make this happen by clicking donation button below or sending $10.00 to sponsor a Father’s Day Dinner for a Dad to:

Dinners for Dad Osceola Council on Aging
700 Generation Point
Kissimmee, FL 34744

Our Fathers thank you in advance for making one day in their lives special!